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we wrap it up with best advice. >> here is christine. >> you can't forget this face. here is jesse's best advice. >> best advice i ever received is be yourself and don't think too much and have fun. >> so also breath mints. >> have fun when are yyou are kg a super model. >> we changed that as a sex symbol, and i thought it was danica patrick. >> that's all for "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. "starting point" with soledad o'brien starts right now. "starting point."
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dramatic rescues. new pictures of a truck dangling over an overpass. details on what's happening there. decision day. boy scouts expected to vote on lifting a national ban on openly day members. why people on both sides of the issue won't be satisfied with the outcome no matter what. bombs and bunkers and bobby traps. more details on the little boy and what he faced when he was being held captive in the underground bunker in alabama. inflated ratings, downplayed risks. the government suing s & p and more states are joining the suit. late night joke turns new jersey governor chris christie's weight front and center. is he fit enough for office? a former white house doctor says christie is a ticking time bomb. a relaxing canoe ride almost turns into a nightmare when a wail bumps it. don't miss this. packed show. we'll talk to tony perkins. president of the family research
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council. and jennifer tyrell, a former cub scout den mother dismissed for being a lesbian. we have tyrese gibson, reverend run who teamed up for a new book, along with earl blummen nawer and elijah cummings and scott reigle. welcome, everybody. our "starting point," a potentially seismic shift for the boy scouts. the national council could announce whether it's long-standing ban on gay scouts and leaders will be lifted. national leaders weighing in on both sides of the issue, including the president and governor of texas. >> scouting is about teaching a substantial amount of life lessons. sexuality isn't one of them. doesn't have to be, doesn't need to be. >> scouting is a great institution that are promoting young people and exposing them to, you know, opportunities and
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leadership that, you know, will serve people for the rest of their lives and i think nobody should be barred for that. >> and cnn's casey wian live in irving, texas, where the scouts are headquarters. good morning, casey. >> good morning, soledad. a potentially historic vote that could be taken by the leadership of the boy scouts of america on the issue of gays in scouting. the boy scouts are considering a compromise. leaders of religious organizations that sponsor about a million boy scouts and activists pressuring the boy scouts of america to end its ban on openly gay scouts and scout masters can agree on one thing. they are not satisfied with the boy scouts' proposal to leave the issue up to local troops. >> we believe that this is going to be -- if they make this decision it will be a catastrophe for the boy scouts. >> we don't want to see scouting gerrymandered to blue and red
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districts. so the best solution would be to end discrimination outright. >> the boy scouts won't discuss their proposal. they have told leader of religious groups the change is motivated by pressure from corporate donors. more than a dozen like merck and american airlines have pulled funding from the you boy scouts according to scouting for all, a group pushing for an end to the scout's gay ban. >> what they've said, is we're doing this under pressure and give people basically what amounts to a local option. you can't have a local option of a core conviction. in 2000, the supreme court said that the boy scouts did not have to have homosexual scout masters because their -- their belief about sexual morality was a core value. if you make it a local option, it is no longer a core value, and the courts will revisit this. >> jennifer tyrell was a scout
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den mother that was outsted for being gay. >> if individual troops can decide, it's a great first step and we would be appreciative of that step and acknowledgment, but it means more work needs to be done. >> reporter: even before the controversy over admitting gays, the boy scouts were seeing a decline in membership, which dropped by a third since 19999. the scout master of one local troop in the dallas area tells us parents of his scouts are talking about leaving scouting if, in fact, the boy scouts start to open up to gay members. activists who support a policy of inclusion say that given the lack of corporate sponsorship, the declining corporate funding, and the declining membership in the boy scouts that they need to admit gays for this organization to survive long-term, soledad. >> casey wian, thank you so much. appreciate that. let's get to tony perkins, president of the family research
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council. on monday, the frc and other groups put an ad out. tony, thank you for talking with me list the reasons you do not support lifting this ban? >> we support the scouts and the position they have taken and for 103 years, they have been helping boys make that journey from adolescence and childhood into adulthood. and they have had a very basic code. a code of honor, code of duty, and a code of morality. they want to hold that and they have every right to do that as a private organization and we encourage them to do that that's why 69% of their troops are sponsored by churches. they are in line with many in the faith community. >> some would support lifting the ban, and i am curious to know if there is a possibility that you are wrong on this particular core value. as you know, historically, there have been core values in
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retrospect turned out to be flawed. women who are -- i remember when i was in school. if you were a teacher and you were pregnant, you were removed from the classroom. it was considered morley inappropriate to have a pregnant woman in the classroom. blacks in the military was morley problematic. how come this doesn't fall into the same kind of guidelines? >> we're talking about comparing immutable characteristics with characteristics that are not immutable. first, the boy scouts have had a long history of struggling with an issue of protecting the boys. last fall they were forced by the court to release about 15,000 pages that identified 1,900 predators within the boy scouts. their policy has been to protect boys to obviously create not a perfect environment, but one that is in line with what the parents want to ensure that their children are safe when they go out and go in the
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scouting activity. >> let's go back to that. a time between 1970, 1999. those specific documents, called the perversion files as you know. scouts didn't allow gays, so there is a sense -- isn't that indication in and of itself -- >> you are absolutely right. >> so my point would be, if you are to -- why would it make a difference to open up scouting to people who are gay? >> certainly -- >> had you pedophiles in your ranks in the boy scouts as we have seen from these documents? >> absolutely. you are correct. they have not been able to create the perfect environment, but they have been doing what they can, and had to pay out millions of dollars as a result of that. question they need to ask, will this help accomplish our mission as boy scout leaders and make for a safer environment for the children under our watch? i don't think they can say that. i think that -- >> why not? >> the reason they had this -- >> first off, this doesn't pass
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the parent test. >> i'm a parent. >> okay, i'm a parent. i have five children, three daughters. my heterosexual neighbor man, like him, good guy, kids of his own. but i'm not going to let him go camping with my girls. why would i let a man who was attracted to other males go camping with my boys. >> a pedophile has -- >> that's why last july aft aftafter -- soledad, last july after the boy scouts did a two-year study on this issue, the overwhelming opinion of stakeholders, parents, troop leaders, let's not change the policy, and that's exactly what the scouts did. >> are you saying that someone who is gay is a pedophile, sir? >> no, i never said that. you said that. i didn't. >> i'm asking the question. you are saying that you would be worried about -- >> they are trying to create an
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environment that is protective of children. there is a disproportionate number of male on boy -- when we get on pedophilia, male on boy is a higher incident rate of that. we never said all homosexuals are pedophiles. that's not what we're saying. >> why would someone like jennifer tyrell. a lesbian and would be a den mother. a perfect example of contradicting your very point, sir. >> you don't make -- you don't make policies and you don't set standards based upon one situation or another situation. this is not skwus about scout leaders, it would be about scouts that are attracted to people of the same sex. is that right, for boy scouts who are out wanting to learn the basic tenets of scouting to have to worry about whether or not the boy in the tent with them is attracted to them? is that right? look, these folks that want to do -- they are free to set up their own organization. why do they want to come in and
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change an organization that's been around for 100 years. >> cause it's discriminatory. >> they need those scouts and parents to accommodate them? >> because it's discriminatory. my final point. do you worry when you are on the wrong side of history on this? when we tick off the changes we've seen. at some point do you think you will look up and say we were on the wrong side of this debate? this is an organization that ultimately stood for discriminating against some people. don't you worry about that? >> for over 100 years, the boy scouts have helped boys make the journey into manhood. and the question is, will we continue in our mission and provide the safest environment possible for those boys? or are we going to cave into corporate dollars. >> see how this happens. we'll hear from jennifer tyrell. i mentioned her a moment ago.
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a former cub scout den mother, lesbian, and she thinks even if they vote to drop the ban, it wouldn't go far enough. we'll talk to her about that. also ahead, we'll talk about this little alabama boy kidnapped and held captive in an underground bunker for six days. he's now celebrating his sixth birthday. turns six today. investigators say they discovered two bombs that had been planted inside that bunker by ethan's abductor, jimmy lee dikes. we're told there still might be more that they are discovering. victor blackwell in midland city, alabama, what have they been discovering inside the bunker and some details about the rescue operation too. >> well, soledad, the attorney general, eric holder, calls this operation exempt lea
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exemplary, and even leading up to this operation, the fbi hostage rescue team built a replica of the bunker and rehearsed. we're seeing pictures of the fbi of this really massive crime scene. four feet below this spot is the bunker where jimmy lee dykes held 5-year-old ethan hostage for a week this is the pipe the fbi says dykes told agents to communicate, and we know why he made that request. a day after the raid, bomb technicians found an explosive inside that pipe and a second inside the bunker. jimmy davis junior is a neighbor. he saw the setup in its early stages. >> it was covered up with two sheets of plywood nailed together with hinges and stuff as a door to open to it. >> authorities say dykes had reinforced the bunker to keep them out. but they were inside, watching. sources tell cnn the hostage rescue team snuck in a tiny camera. >> mr. dykes was observed holding a gun. at this point, fbi agents
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fearing the child was in imminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. >> i heard a big boom, and i heard -- i believe i heard rifle shots. >> sources tell cnn what brian martin heard was a diversion agents rushed in, dykes shot at them, but he was killed. ethan was rescued. >> i never doubted our god, and he answered our prayers. >> a celebration of ethan's rescue and his sixth birthday. >> this is just the start of it. >> april mcdaniel, a local police officer and also a mother. she started a facebook campaign to collect birthday cards for ethan. thousands have responded. >> i just wish i could be there to see his little face light up when he sees the response. and i haven't -- how many people really care and love about him. >> reporter: after a tumultuous week, ethan is home from the hospital to celebrate and heal.
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and ethan's mother has released a statement. in part it says ethan is safe back in my arms and i owe it to some of the most compassionate people on earth. >> her letter was so heartfelt. i cannot imagine what they were going through for so many days. victor blackwell, thank you. appreciate the update. john berman has an update on a story we were showing you. a truck dangling off the highway. >> this just in. a truck dangling off an interstate 95 in ft. lauderdale, florida. two people inside the crash. one removed and taken to the hospital. the other is still trapped inside. live pictures right now. monitoring developments. the crane trying to work out some way to pull the truck back. we'll bring you the information as it comes in. and we're looking at the target
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targeted killing of americans overseas. and a secret drone base. t al qaeda operate ivan war al awlaki was killed in that drone attack. and for the first time this morning, we're hearing a 911 call from the case of the deadly shooting of a well-known navy s.e.a.l. and his friend. moments after iraq war vet eddie routh killed navy s.e.a.l. sniper chris kyle and chad littlefield, he drove to his sister's house and told her what he had done. that caused a frightened linda blevins to call 911. >> my brother just came by here, [ bleep ] and he now left, and he just told me he's committed a murder. i'm terrified for my life, because i don't know if he's going to come back here.
4:17 am
they went out to a shooting range. like he's all crazy, east bleeping sky cottic. i'm sorry more my language. >> routh told his brother-in-law he couldn' trust kyle or anyone else, so he killed them before they could kill him. six tourists raped at a top tourist destination weeks before spring break begins. is it safe to visit plulg? a live report next. the government taking aim at standard & poor's. is it responsible for leaving us in financial ruin? but now there are more choices than ever. i want to know exactly what i am investing in. i want to know exactly how much i'm paying. i want to use the same stuff the big guys use. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing.
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welcome back, everybody. you're watching "starting point." the mayor of acapulco is apologizing for downplaying the rape of six spanish tourists. he called what happened regrettable and said it could happen anywhere in the world. what's shocking is it happened
4:21 am
near acapulco's dimon zone. police have stepped up security. miguel marquez breaks down what happened. >> masked gunmen entered the bungalow from the beach around 2:00 a.m. what happened next, horrific. six women in their 20s and their male companions, tied up with their own cell phone cords and bikinis. the women raped, the men helpless to stop it from happening. u.s. a delicate situation he says, but we will apply the full weight to the law against those responsible. all the victims, tourists from spain. one woman from mexico was left unharmed. some neighbors say they heard music coming from the beach house that night, suggesting there may have been a party with no gate, fence, or security, the house easily entered. invaded from the beach. the shocking crime has struck worry and fear in those who know and love this popular vacation destination. >> i'm excited to be here, but at the same time, a little
4:22 am
nervous. >> the attack comes as tens of thousands of teens and twenty-something american spring breakers prepare to ascend on acapulco for the annual right of sun, beaches and parties. the city of acapulco has been an oasis of relative calm in the mexican state of guerrero. a place hard hit by drug-related violence. the u.s. state department recommends deferring nonessential travel to southern portions of the state. and even acapulco itself, the best advice exercise caution and stay within tourist areas. >> now, the victims in this terrible case are still in the country, they are in the care of spanish authorities at the moment and police and law enforcement across every level in mexico say that they have a lot of evidence and expecting to make arrests soon. they want to put this one to bet and behind them.
4:23 am
>> what a terrible case. miguel marquez, thank you. still ahead on "starting poin point," when do women look their worst. >> never. >> oh, john. that is the right answer. apparently it's not first thing in the morning. a new study, believe it or not. our "starting point" team headed in to talk about this. back in a moment. email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox.
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read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. welcome back, everybody. we have ryan lisa, charles blow, and nan hey worth. a busy day of corporate earnings reports. futures up today, and the dow within shouting distance of its all-time high. it needs to add 219 points for a new record. just in to cnn, home depot hiring big this year. it says it will hire 80,000 seasonal workers in anticipation
4:27 am
of a busy spring season. peak time for home improvement shopping 10,000 more jobs than they hired last year. rival lowe's will hire 45,000 seasonal workers. like the holiday season for home improvement folks. they hope more remodeling in this summer. >> when does show up? >> it will pop at the end of the month. >> can they be in the paint section? because i can never -- >> charles blow, home depot, issues this morning. let me know your zip code and we'll see if home depot can do something for you. wednesday afternoons can be tough for all of us. halfway through the week and a few hours until quitting time, ladies, it's even worse for women. a report in "usa today," wednesday afternoons at 3:30 p.m. is when women look their
4:28 am
oldest. why? energy levels tank, workplace stress and the delayed effects of the weekend late nights. after a couple of days it kicks in on wednesday. not surprisingly, women report friday is the day they feel the best. >> thursday is the day that women are apparently most likely to have sex. >> i'm just saying, it's in the report, people. >> i zeroed in when we looked the tiredest and she zeros in on when we have sex. >> wednesday at 3:30 is when you look your worst. >> right after you look your worst, are y you are horny. >> you need that pick me up. >> here is the study. >> "usa today".
4:29 am
>> decriminalizing medical marijuana, could the federal government be next? a new bill going through congress could help the president profit from pot sales. and governor christie's ability to serve in office. not many people talking about that because of his weight. >> i worry he may have a heart attack, a stroke. it's almost like a time bomb waiting to happen. ng to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here.
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you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire. why should saturday night have all the fun? get two times the points on dining in restaurants, with chase sapphire preferred. welcome back, everybody. you are watching "starting point." in a few minutes, we'll speak with oregon congressman earl blumenauer that would decriminalize marijuana. and then we will talk about the new book, "manology," secrets of your man's mind revealed. >> a lot of pages.
4:33 am
it is very complicated. >> you are very dense. but as zoraida says, no, are you all pretty simple. a late-night joke has turned very real and into a real concern for new jersey governor chris christie. the appearance on david letterman, very funny. made light of his muched talk about weight problem. here is how it went. >> i made jokes about you, not just one or two, not just ongoing here and there. intermittent, but -- >> that was so funny. when he did that, really a great moment. but a lot of people in the aftermath are not laughing about it. a white house fiphysician is seriously worried he could die in office. >> i worry he may have a heart attack, a stroke. almost like a time bomb waiting
4:34 am
to happen unless he addresses those issues before he runs to office. >> in fairness, he says he has tried to address the issues. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is with us. obviously size is an issue. but he also ticked off the ways in which he's healthy. his cholesterol is not high. his blood sugar levels are not high. on those two front, he's healthier than me. >> that's true. but you are healthier than him because are you thin. just being heavy, even if blood pressure is normal, blood sugar is low, puts you at higher risk of heart attack or stroke. even though his blood pressure is fine now, they might not be fine in the future. we have no crystal ball, we don't know what's going to happen to him or any of us, but we have data that looks at the morbidly obese and their life expect ancy. people who are morbidly obese,
4:35 am
it cuts eight to ten years off their life expectancy. for a man, 76. it would cut it down to 66. people at both ends of the spectrum, comparable to the effects of smoking. soledad. >> here is what he to say about his weight. let's play that first. >> so far, i have been remarkably healthy. my doctor continues to warn me my luck will run out relatively soon. it's something i'm very conscious of. but in terms of people in the state being concerned about whether or not it prevents me from being able to do my job effectively, i think they have seen the results of that. >> and he's got a point. nobody who was at it more than governor christie when you look at the aftermath of superstorm sandy. haven't they seen tremendous results with lap-band surgery and other surgeries for people
4:36 am
who are morbidly obese? >> i think sometimes those results we may perceive them as being greater than they are. i spent last night speaking with weight loss efforts working with the morbidly owe piece. if he they can get a 300-pound person to have surgery and lose 45 pounds and keep it off three years, one doctor terms it a home run. >> 45 pounds? >> exactly. they see people lose the weight, but they tend to gain it back. if they can get a 300-pound person down to approximately 250 and keep it off, they consider that a success. ith veit's very unusual for someone his size to get down to a normal weight and stay there. >> thank you. interesting how hard it has been for him. and the guy has been very successful. he might be able to tackle this problem. >> the time to lose weight is not when you are running for
4:37 am
president. can you mamgin a more stressful time? >> the constituents in new jersey, and i one would rather he shrunk taxes instead of his waistline. that's what they are more concerned about. more concerned about taxes. >> wouldn't affect my vote one way or another. too many other more important things to worry about. >> presidential candidates, john f. kennedy, it is an issue for a lot of voters and part of the political process. >> and it's kind of a subter ran y ian issue. i don't think people who think they are egalitarian, it is one of the things you stir into the stew. >> we're talking about it, right? >> even if you don't raise it, i think you stir it into the stew and think about whether or not this person is capable and able to perform the duties of the office.
4:38 am
>> i think he will be able to, i do. >> let's talk about president obama, heading to maryland for a strategy session. he hopes to enlist their help in pushing his second-term agenda tackling immigration reform and gun control. meanwhile, the white house says that the president will visit israel and visit west bank and israel. he visited as a presidential candidate, but has not been back since president. a scare in central park. two tourists had to be rescued after they ignored thin ice signs and tried to walk on a frozen pond. such a bad idea. they fell through. fire crews extended rescue ladders and one went in with a wet suit. parts of the northeast may get a blast of blistering cold. indra peterson joins us now to explain. cold and snow, indra. >> a potential nor'easter developing. in atlanta, looking at delays due to low visibility. a quarter mile or less.
4:39 am
actually about a tenth of a mile. we're watching some delays in an hour out toward raleigh. this is what we're watching. a low down near the south. and another low down near canada. could merge. potentially good snowmaker here by the end of the weekend. this is what we're watching as we go throughout the day. through thursday, heavy showers producing in the south. atlanta, heavier storms could be out there good news, not seeing severe weather out there today. that's the great news. big news. seeing this easily. where does the logo? if it stays close to the coastline, six inches, even a foot of snow possible. all about the placement. not just the placement of the low the, but freezing line. here is one of the potential models that we'll be watching. new england, six inches to a foot of snow, farther down to the south. rain or wind, and, again, all of that depending on how far south the cold air moves. one model brings snow as far south of west virginia, even virginia, strong wins will be part of this and even heavy rain
4:40 am
as well. lots to look into the next couple of days. >> looking at 2 plus smack dab over us. colorado, the latest that could join the government's lawsuit against standard & poor's. joins 12 other states and the district of columbia who blames the s & p for giving high ratings to bad loans up before the credit crisis. a really close encounter with a humpback whale. a couple vacations in hawaii, enjoying a canoe trip when a wale surfaced for a breath of fresh air right beneath the canoe. everybody was okay. including apparently the whale who swam off unharmed. >> that's the time of year to sea whales off maui. never that close, however. >> increampressive control. as washington state and
4:41 am
colorado work out details to hanel the new cannabis legislation, a pair of bills. one would decriminalize it at the federal level. and the other would set up a tax code to capitalize on it. a similar bill in 2011, that was congressman barney frank and ron paul. could shifting public opinion be a sign of new life for america's pot laws. let's get to one of the democratic cosponsors. oregon representative earl blumenauer. is the goal ultimately to make money, or is the goal to discourage buyers with a 0% tax? what's behind it? >> well, the goal is to try and raci rationalize america's marijuana policy. a drug classified under federal law as something more dangerous than cocaine and meth and we're
4:42 am
arresting 2/3 of a million of people a year for something that half americans think should be legal and an overwhelming majority feel should be left to the states. this would change that equation, be able to bring it out of the shadows and change ultimately a situation that is costing us billions to something that would seay money in enforcement and collect money, much like we did with alcohol after prohibition. >> so a 50% tax. you must have done the extrapolation on how much potentially you might be able to make off this. what do the numbers look like? >> estimates vary. 10 billion, $20 billion, $30 billion a year this is a gray area now. but it's a large market when -- up to 18 to 20 million people use it illegal every month. and there are a million medical marijuana users approximately. this is a significant area of revenue, and as i said, it would
4:43 am
save money. i'm confident it would be at least 100 million it would get back to a situation where we are not doing something that most americans would impose it would save money, collect tax money and eliminate the hypocrisy of suggesting that marijuana is more dangerous than meth or cocaine. >> back in 2011, it died early on. nice to have you with us, sir. we appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. still ahead on "starting point," an olympic skier rips her knee in this terrible crash. is lindsay vonn's skiing career in jeopardy. want to know what men are thinking? i do. they say they can help women understand men. they'll join us live ahead.
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welcome back to "starting point." i'm john berman. a terrible accident for skier lindsay vonn. could keep her out of next year's winter olympic game. bleacher report is here with more. >> three letters you never want to hear in a sports report. acl or mcl in lindsay vonn's case, she tore both with a year to go before the start of the 2014 olympic came, vonn will try to make an epic comeback. poor visibility, never a good phrase when you are on an airplane, or in vonn's case, attempting to come down a
4:48 am
mountain. vonn was air lifted to a hospital and suffered what doctors are calling a complex knee injury. out for the remainder of this season. stay tuned to see if von can make it back for the olympics. christmas in february. for college football programs across the country. today, marks the first day high school injury who's have been offered a clip to play on the next level can officially notify colleges they are headed their way. right now, several of the nation's top recruits are still uncommitted. an exciting day for high school and college football programs. nothing like going to see your favorite team play, seeing them win and getting a souvenir. danilo gallinari with a shot that would make a geometry player proud. that gave 109 and 110 points
4:49 am
which means fans get four tacos for a dollar at a fast food choin today. a wild night from the nba. if you want all of the action and everything else you need to know from the world of sports, check out an italian knanative,ingly inaina galinari, says that the italian food in denver isn't as good as new york city. >> whatever he is eating, it's working. that shot was sick. lindsay vonn, we hope she can get back for next winter. >> overcome a lot, including illness. she is a fighter. >> thank you, jared. >> doesn't like the italian food in denver.
4:50 am
>> if you ever wonder how to figure out which guy is a frog, metaphorically and which guy is prince charming, a new book from tyrese and reverend run, offer insight on how to weed out the good guys from the bad guys. they join us next. hi, guys.
4:51 am
it's not what you think. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz.
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4:53 am
don't you really want to know what men are thinking? our next guests claim they can reveal the inner thoughts of a man's mind and help women and men, too, in their relationships. this book is from tyrese gibson and reverend run. it's called "manology: the secret of a man's mind
4:54 am
revealed." when i first saw the two of you on the cover this is interesting. how did you get together? you're so different in so many ways especially on the issue of women. >> well, i'd like to say that we appear to be very different but he's just in a different season in his life, and you know, he's after rap. he's, not everybody's going to -- >> i'm the after rap, good one, tyrese. >> but you're still rapping. >> i get that point, i know what you're trying to say. >> you're a man of the cloth, you've got six kids, love your wife, the whole show you did was all about the devotion and dedication. chapter one of the book is like a long list of women you have been with, tyrese. >> well, i believe in getting things out of your system before you finally settle down and land -- don't be laughing at me. i think before you could see the value in one, you must get things out of your system with whatever you feel like, whatever. >> all right, let's get to the
4:55 am
advice section. what do you think is the biggest mistake that women make? if you would give one piece of advice to a woman who would like to be in a relationship with a man? >> many women are trying to pull a man into their life before they have their own life. the self-love is what you need to have. once you create the solve love then you can go out and find love. many women get lonely or needy and i like to tell them that just because you're boyless doesn't mean you have to be joyless. once you create that life it's attractive. that's how beyonce got jay-z, he was like whoa, look at her. >> oh. >> she was like being busy and being feminine when she was with jay, the book of rules. >> be someone who somebody else would want as opposed to being someone who is trying to grab someone in their clutches. you write a lot about -- >> the book is the same thing. >> you write a lot about people who overshare, in trying to get
4:56 am
a new man exercise extreme discipline in controlling the amount of information you give them. >> it may sound harsh but to the ladies, love you to death but when you first meet a man, shut up, stop spilling your guts, overexposing too much information about things you went through in the past. >> why? >> because i thought of you an a plus, and you going into the details about the dysfunction, the infidelity or love child or whatever your situation mayen and this is our first dinner, you stayed with him for seven years and caught him cheating 12 times you've devalued yourself because you feel the need to overtalk and i just met you. i thought of you as an a plus. now you a d negative. too much information. >> the book is called "manology" it has great advice for women who are looking to get a man in their life and good advice for men in understanding if they want a great woman what they could be doing. >> it's out there now, just came out yesterday, definitely want
4:57 am
you all's support. here's something i want you all to know. me and ray have been best friends and he's my mentor, changed my life literally. you can't be this close to a man that is doing it the right way and not be influenced to do it better, and we wrote the book because we had a problem with what women don't know, for the things that you do know, congratulations, but we want to be able to tell you what's around the corner before you get to and we worked really hard and last thing, if you have a weak stomach and you're uncomfortable with knowing the truth, this might not be for you because i go all the way. >> listen, everybody get the book. please don't buy the book. please don't buy the book. >> come on, man. the only thing we got in common is we got the same barber. >> time for a short break. as we get to our next hour, gentlemen, work with me here. >> sorry, soledad, i love you. >> thank you. appreciate it.
4:58 am
boy scouts decision day, whether or not they'll continue with the ban on gay scouts and leaders or if it will be lifted. jennifer tyrell dismissed for being a lesbian as a cup scout leader. that's in the next hour. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. hmm, we need a new game. ♪ that'll save the day. ♪ so will bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet. the only one with trap + lock technology. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent
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5:01 am to help save lives. [ male announcer ] you can afford the best. adt, starting at $49. call now. adt. always there. welcome everybody. you're watching "starting point." crucial decision later today the boy scouts in a number of hours are expected to decide whether they will lift their national ban on openly gay members. questions about whether the organization can withstand such a drastic change have been raised. the little boy rescued from an alabama bunker turns 6 today. police found two bombs inside the bunker and there could be
5:02 am
more. s $9 for a loaf of bread, $1,200 bucks for a high-end dinner, some of the costs for living in an expensive city. "star wars" is getting not one but two spin-offs, will the force be strong with that? ahead this hour we'll talk to jennifer tyrell, she's a former cub scout den mother dismissed for being a lesbian, maryland congressman elijah cummings and congressman scott rigell and marsie kaveney, who had a petition to stop mike tyson from being on "law and order: svu." welcome, everybody, our team, ryan lizza with us for the next couple of days, my lucky week, washington correspondent for "the new yorker."
5:03 am
charles blow and nan hayworth great to have you all. the boy scouts are considering a major policy change in their policy towards gays. in a few hours the board could vote to lift the gay ban. if that happens local troops would be able to decide on their own whether or not they'd accept gays. jennifer tyrell is a cub scout den leader in ohio. the organization dismissed her for being a lesbian. on monday she led a group near dallas, they dropped off a petition to end the ban on gays which they say had 1.4 million signatures on it. >> nice to meet you. >> what was the reception when you went to the headquarters and brought this massive list of signatures? >> they were supposed to send someone out to meet with us. the press was there and they were receptive so we had a little bit of time and got to tell all of our stories, everyone has a good personal story and, but the reception
5:04 am
from the bsa headquarters wasn't that great. we tried to go in, they wouldn't let us in, just to deliver the petitions. >> so you ended up giving the signatures. >> right. they said they would let me in, me only, no media or anything. i tried to explain we are just here to show our support. we're here to say we want an end to this ban. we have 1.4 million people backing on this and we want to let you know. >> the vote is in a couple of hours. their vote is anybody's guess but in your gut what do you think is going to happen? >> i don't know. i don't trust my gut when it comes to bsa because i always think they're going to do the right thing and then they don't so i'm really super nervous about it. >> you seem very emotional about it. >> i am. it's really personal to me. >> it is very personal because of course your son when he was 7, you were not allowed to remain as his cub scout leader. tell me about that. >> right, well i didn't want to even join the boy scouts and he wanted to, he was so excited, it was so hard to tell him no, he
5:05 am
doesn't understand that people are discriminatory so i agreed to go and i spoke to the cub master and he said it will be fine. you won't have any problems. and actually that same day their leader canceled and said i can't do it so they asked me to be leader knowing full well that i was gay. i never had a problem until they asked me to be treasurer. i found a lot of mistakes, i started asking a lot of questions and then that day that i was supposed to have a meeting to say where is this money is the day that i received the phone call saying oh by the way you're gay, you can't be here anymore. >> if the ban is lifted what would happen is the decision would go to the local chapters. would this change it for you? your son is 8. does he still want to be a boy scout? >> misses his friends. he still sees his friends at school but scout something special. we loved it. and i was the last person that expected to love it, to be completely honest. but i saw a change in him. i saw him come out of his shell.
5:06 am
i saw -- he became a better person and so did i. if this ban is lifted, it will be a great first step but it's going to still lead to kids being rejected, families are still going to be turned away, and i've been contacted by so many families, gay scouts, that are terrified that somebody's going to find out, i'm talking about thousands of people, so i feel like 1.4 million people are standing behind us and the very least that i can do is keep fighting for them. >> there are people who would say by opening the scouts up to gays that you're going to end up destroying the gays it shall -- destroying the boy scouts, that the population who are there already it's dropped by roughly 20% some odd since 2000 but that is the argument against as you know. >> well -- >> how do you answer that? >> i think that, to be completely honest it's a little
5:07 am
bit -- first of all i don't agree with that but i think it's sad they're worried about their numbers when we're talking about children and this their feels and the dangerous message they're sending is it's not okay for you to be who you are, it's not okay for their parents to be who they are. it's a dang ruerous message to sending. they're dwindling with numbers with the ban. i think it will only thrive. when there is equality there is progress. >> a loft church groups, 69% of the scouts that, the troops, the individual troops are correlated to these church groups and the church groups -- >> while that may be true actually the numbers are, the amount of churches is large but the number of scouts that are in the other ones are even larger. and so many churches are on board with this. you know what i mean? the ucc, the methodists are coming on, even mormons have
5:08 am
released statements saying we're ready for this change. we're inclusive because that's how it should be. all of the arguments that they're using against this policy are the same arguments they've used throughout history to deny others' rights. they didn't work before and they shouldn't be working now. why can't we learn from our mistakes. it used to be women that were discriminated against and african americans were discriminated against and now it's gay people. why can't we just say we're all people? >> interesting to see how the vote goes. >> i'm so nervous. >> i bet you are. thank you for talking with us, jennifer. it's been a year you've been involved in the struggle. we appreciate your time. >> thanks, guys. other stories with john berman. right now check out this incredible and fright anyone scene on i-95 in south florida, a truck dangles off an overpass following a crash. two people were in the truck when it crashed. one was removed and taken in the
5:09 am
hospital, the other trapped inside and said to be unresponsive. we'll bring you more information on the terrible crash as it comes in. take a look at this, try to. this is we think atlanta where the fog is so dense you can't really see anything. right now there are delays as you can imagine at hartsfield-jackson airport. check with your carrier before heading to the airport. a developing story right now, a powerful earthquake triggers a deadly tsunami overnight. the 8.0 quake hit the solomon islands in the south pacific. four elderly people and one child were killed by the tsunami wave that followed that slammed into the eastern region of the islands and caused damage and disruption at the local airport and nearby villages. two bombs have been discovered in the underground bunker in alabama, and this morning explosives experts will be searching for even more devices. officials also confirmed they used drones and sophisticated surveillance equipment to monitor suspect jimmy lee dykes
5:10 am
during this entire standoff. right now, little ethan is with his family getting ready to celebrate his 6th birthday. the bring pal in the school said everyone is counting the hours until he returns to class. >> it's a shame this had to happen but for any child that i will believe will bounce back better than any child that i know of would be ethan. i feel confident he'll bounce back and we hope to have him in school as quickly as possible. >> the school bus ethan was abducted from has been retired in honor of the driver, charles poland, killed by dykes trying to block him from the escaping children. an outside consultant being hired to investigate the superdome blackout. this engineering firm memo from
5:11 am
october 10th of last year states "the superdome's main and only electrical feed is not sufficiently reliable to support the high-profile event schedule." interesting. we're hearing from olympic skier lindsay vonn after her horrific crash thanking doctors and fans. "first off thanks to the amazing medical staff. i plan to return to vail as soon as i can for the necessary injuries. i can assure youly work as hard as humanly possible to be ready and present to represent my country next year in sochi, the site of the olympic games. yesterday vonn fell at the alpine championships hurting her knee. she has come back from injury before so we are pulling for her. disney going to the "star wars" well again announcing plans for at least two standalone spin-off films, this
5:12 am
is in addition to the new "star wars" trilogy episodes seven, eight and nine that will pick up after "return of the jedi" each of the spin-offs written around a certain character. it is expected to be released in the summer of 2015. warren casdon will be connected to the film. >> think about how long that franchise has lasted. i'm bringing my son. >> forget about the kid, bring me. >> i love that, "star wars" spin-offs. still ahead on "starting point" is the gop getting a makeover? dana bash talked with eric cantor for his message for the republican party. lots of schools have a no tolerance policy. does one school go too far when they suspended a second grader? we'll tell you what happened ahead mall business.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
. welcome back, everybody. we start with breaking news. the u.s. postal service announcing plans to stop their saturday delivery. it will begin august 1st. the post office will deliver packages and mail order prescriptions still. the postal service lost $15.9 billion last year. saturday's first class service costs $2.7 billion a year so this is obviously an effort to recoup some of that money. re-branding republicans after the gop took a big bruising in the 2012 elections, we're seeing a kinder, more compassionate eric cantor. dana bash has more it could you call it the extreme gop makeover house edition? >> you'll see how he responded to it. his speech was filled with health, prosperity, happiness,
5:17 am
about leading republicans toward a message he resonates better with the voters who abandoned the republican candidate for the white house in november why do the house republicans need an extreme makeover? >> i'm not agreeing with the statement in the extreme makeover but i think there's a lot of lesson to be learned from the last election. >> one of those lessons, toning down harsh gop language that alienated key voters especially latinos. listen to cantor on immigration. >> i wouldn't be here if this country wasn't welcoming to my grandparents who fled religious persecution in russia so there is that and the compassion for the families that are here who frankly many of whom have become part of the fabric of this country. >> reporter: when it comes to controversial policy changes he won't go there. senator rubio supports a path to citizenship as well as border security is addressed first. do you support that? >> again, i want to see where the talks in the house and the senate lead. >> reporter: in fact, cantor's
5:18 am
new push turns out to be long on new compassionate rhetoric and short on new specific policy proposals though he did open the door a bit to strengthening background checks on guns. >> i am for making sure we increase the quality of information in the database in existence already. >> cantor is trying to rebrand by reworking gop rhetoric. has the language or the message of your party over the past couple of years in all candor turned some voters off? >> i'm a father. i'm a husband. i have to deal with struggles just like a lot of parents have to, right? >> reporter: almost as if on cue, cantor's phone rings. it's all about -- that's my daughter. okay, sweetie -- >> niece' facetiming. >> that's dana bash on cnn i got to turn the phone off. >> okay, bye, i love you. >> now soledad most democrats
5:19 am
reacted to cantor's speech with snarky statements but one senior democratic senator, chuck schumer of new york, said if house republicans could match their agenda to cantor's words he said "this congress could surprise people with how productive it could be." >> it certainly needs to be done. dana bash thanks. you look at, i mean you were there. >> right. well we have policies that will work for every american and that message does need to be conveyed more effectively and one of our challenges and i laud eric for making the speech that he did with the people he brought into the speech because he had a student who was helped by an opportunity scholarship for a better school outside the d.c. system and you know, young immigrant who wants to do better with her high degree, you know, we do need to make sure that we cut through in the national
5:20 am
media in ways that have bee hard for us to put through. >> it's not just spin. it's not just we have to work on the messaging. there are serious policy issues that certainly when you talk to latino elected officials on the democratic side would highlight the policy issues. >> i speaked to eric cantor before and after, the thing you're wrestling with is how much of this is a messaging and sort of microinitiative thing and how much fundamental policy changes the republican party have to make. cantor is trying to balance that right now. >> it's bigger than the messaging part. lot of what was happening on the messaging end was not really coming from the top of the party. i mean, it was really the grassroots and people or when the top of the party ran into the grassroots so that they would get into debates. >> arizona law i disagree,
5:21 am
arizona law, policy, by everybody in the party that's the issue. >> i think when you get to the atkins types and the people talking about -- these are not necessarily the leaders but they're part of the problem and that's kind of the base but i think on the larger front, you say that the republicans have a lot of policies that will work. i think a lot of the policies that they have been advocating don't work and i think that don't work for the americans who they want to attract. that will be a problem. >> charles they haven't been implemented if you look at the exit polling after the presidential election, the majority of those polled actually agreed with romney on fiscal issues but where they put their votes was with president obama because he could relate to them. >> we have to leave it there. we have to continue and take a short break. still ahead we'll talk about the beloved monopoly pieces and how they're going to be changing.
5:22 am
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5:25 am
here's a look at what's trending this morning. the new monopoly piece is a cat. >> would not have guessed. >> hasbro let fans replace one of the tokens by weighing in online. everybody online voted for a cat. the piece that is being ditched is the iron. >> it has been a tough week for cats, they are such vicious killers. >> take a ess who this is, soccer player and olympic gold
5:26 am
medalist alex morgan as katy perry, "espn" magazine first musician issue. her people sent a letter to buzzfeed saying take the pictures down. there's no pictures where beyonce looks bad. she looks great. >> the pr person did not understand buzzfeed. >> you do not send that kind of letter to buzzfeed and expect not to pay for it later. >> daring them. exactly but she looks good. "starting point" who president obama would like to have as head of the interior. and a new bipartisan bill cracks down on gun trafficking. does it stand a chance?
5:27 am
congressman elijah cummings and scott rigell are the sponsors. a couple of things you shouldn't do in court, one of them is flip off the judge. young lady did that, we'll tell you how she did that and she paid, and she paid. searching for a bank designed for investors like you? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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has been extended due to popular demand. installation starting at just $49 -- a savings of $250. adt. always there. welcome back, everybody. you're watching "starting point." coming up we'll talk could congressmen elijah cummings and scott rigell about a new bipartisan bill. a woman says mike tyson is a wrong person to be on "law and order: svu" she's started a petition. president obama making his pick for interior secretary.
5:31 am
he'll tap sally jewell from the company rei for the job. as head of rei she knows a lot about parks, recreation and a stellar record as a businessperson. the man aus good of shooting and wounding a security guard at the headquarters of the family research council last summer is said to be negotiating a plea deal. 28-year-old floyd corkins may plead guilty to some charges. he objected to some of the group's stances against gay marriage and abortion. ryan braun appears in the records of the miami clinic that allegedly distributed performance-enhancing drugs to major league players. he became the first major leaguer to have a suspension overturned on appeal. the former mrkts vp claims his attorneys hired the owner of the biogenesis clinic as a consultant during his appeal process and that's why his name
5:32 am
appears in the books. major league baseball is investigating. so one finger gets you 30 days especially when it's the wrong one. here's what you don't do in court. this teenage girl was appearing before a miami court judge. watch what happens when things do not go her way. [ bleep ]. >> come back again. come back again. >> that's the wrong finger to use. she was hauled back in front of the judge after her offensive finger gesture, slapped with 30 days in jail for contempt of court. she will bring that finger with her. >> you look at that girl there's so much wrong in that six-second clip. she's a teenager. who gives a finger to a judge when you're a 16-year-old girl? >> bad move. >> bad future for that young lady if she can't get her act together, it's terrible. celebrities are going to push lawmakers to enact stricter gun laws, it includes chris rock, adam scott, tony bennett,
5:33 am
also representatives from mayors against illegal guns, and the law center to prevent violence, all this comes on the heels of a significant announcement that comes out of the house yesterday where two democrats, two republicans introduced the first bipartisan legislation on gun control. >> we've made it very difficult for law enforcement to stop the flow of guns to criminals and we've made it easy for criminals to get their hands on guns. with this bill we start turning this around so that we can handcuff the real people and those are the criminals. >> democratic congressman elijah cummings joins us from the state of maryland, republican scott rigell from virginia joins me as well. nice to have you with us. congressman cummings, i want to start with you. you have a personal attachment to this issue. i know that your nephew was a college student who was murdered. tell me a little bit about that. >> a year and a half ago my
5:34 am
nephew, christopher cummings, was an honor student, 20 years old at old dominion university in virginia. he was robbed at 5:00 in the morning and shot to death and his roommate was also shot. i can feel the emotion right now that i felt when i went into his room and to see his blood and body tissue spread over the walls. it's a very painful thing and i think when the sandy hook incident came up i got to tell you so it put it all back up and people want solutions to this gun violence problem, and i'm so glad to be joining with scott and others to try to do some common sense legislation that will help resolve those kind of matters. >> congressman rigell, walk us
5:35 am
through what you're calling common sense legislation. what exactly will it accomplish? >> soledad it's focused on two groups of people, folks who are gun traffickers, and straw purchasers. these groups are hurting lawful gun owners like myself. i'm a lifetime member of the nra, and i'm proud of the work that the in, nra has done in soy areas but there's a group of gun traffickers and straw purchasers who are circumventing the laws, the penalties are not stiff enough and we need really to change the culture in america to where it's really not okay to buy a gun from someone else. the penalties are so low right now and there's a high incidence of this and this is hurting our country. >> two bills, one proposed by the senate and this one that you have, how will they work together? your bill leaves out a lot of stuff. it focuses on trafficking and tracking, but it doesn't cover mental health, doesn't cover background checks.
5:36 am
those i think people would say are critical elements. how do you bring them together? >> well we were really focused on common ground and i think elijah might comment that focusing first on what we agree on. >> soledad one you have the things that we noticed is that there are a lot of broad proposals, and certainly vice president biden has brought forth some very good ideas but we've got to figure out exactly what it is that we do agree on and the thing that bothers me is a lot of times we will agree on certain things, but because we concentrate on our disagreements, we end up doing nothing, and i think it would be very, very sad, considering what happens at sandy hook and what seems to be happening on a daily basis there with young people being killed, we've got to find some solutions and i think americans are not asking us to do something. they're begging us to do something. >> the other group, soledad, that's begging us to do something are the law enforcement officials and
5:37 am
prosecutors, telling us how frustrated they are as representative maloney highlighted in the piece you ran there with their inability or the difficulty that they have in prosecuting and deterring the bad folks. so that's one reason there are so many law officials behind us yesterday at the press conference and across the country who couldn't physically be with us and supporting this. it makes sense and it is common ground. we're working hard to get it advanced throughout house. >> soledad we're caming at the criminal element. these are people who are trying to get around the laws that already exist, and so we're trying to figure out how do we make sure that that person who has a criminal record and then goes to someone who does not have a criminal record, tells them to buy a gun, how do we really show them that we are not going to stand for that? i just think this will help that situation. >> let me ask congressman
5:38 am
hayworth, you have seen proposed being discussed but nothing has come before the senate plan. >> well it goes back to what we were talking about before, soledad, there are all these elements of a solution that have to be looked at and i think one of the problems that we have, and i'm laud, the congressmen and congresswoman maloney for bringing this to the floor, it's something that could incrementally, this is a fairly small step that might be helpful and make some progress, that's good, if we can't make the enormous bill let's make incremental progress. the problem is we need an approach that encompasses the cultural element in some way, the mental health element. we need to bring more focus on all of those issues if we're going to get the cooperation of those who are the staunchest second amendment advocates. >> congressmen cummings and
5:39 am
rigell talking to us this morning. thank you, gentlemen, i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. still ahead this morning on "starting point" a second grader is suspended for imaginary play. he threw a pretend grenade so he could rescue everybody. listen. >> i just can't believe i got dispended. >> "i can't believe i got dispended." did the school go too far? the kid is 8 years old. "law and order: svu" advocates for victims of rape, this one woman is fighting mike tyson's appearance in an episode. she'll talk about this life straight ahead. learning is no different. so we offer personalized tools and support, that let our students tackle the challenge of going back to school, like they do anything else... their way.
5:40 am
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welcome back i'm christine romans "minding your business." it was a good day yesterday for earnings so at least now an hour before the opening bell taking a pause. the dow is within shouting distance from its all-time high of october 2007, it has to rise another 219 points to hit it. rising salaries finally for liberal arts majors. the national associations of colleges and employers finds liberal arts and sciences
5:43 am
general studies and majors earn $43,100, history majors $41,900 and those with english degrees $41,900. you can see the lowest on the list are visual arts, performing arts, most salaries rising between 3% and 4%. last couple of years they've been rising. i don't know if they'll afford to live in any of these cities. cnn compiled a list of all expensive cities, loaf of bread in tokyo $9. sydney, oslo and melbourne. high-end dinner in paris runs you almost $2,200, zurich, caracas and geneva. new york is not in the top ten. >> totally? >> nor is london. >> a lot of arts and visual
5:44 am
english majors in paris. >> visual arts major then goes on to a corporate reader. >> brooklyn and queens and staten island are skewing new york down. i think there's some skewing happening. >> maybe. this story is such an interesting story little kid, alex evans he's kind of shocked because he's now been suspended from school. here's what he said. >> i just can't believe i got dispended. >> "i got dispended. ." he's a second grander, his mom mandy watkins said her alex threw a fake grenade during recess, what he was doing was he didn't have anything in his hand, threw the grenade and started saving people because he was going in to rescue them so he was using his imagination. the school says there are these list of absolutes that the school, the list is here, the absolutes for mary blair
5:45 am
elementary school which is in loveland, colorado, no physical abuse or fights, real or play fighting, no weapons, real or play, and kids in second grade, how do you enforce that. >> sorry, is this school? just bring them inside, don't let them go outside. >> this makes no sense, no physical abuse that i agree, how do you stop play fighting between boys? >> that's a really big like second graders i would like to have that second grader here to save me. but there's' what bat's what bo. >> preschoolers were playing good guys and bad guys. we didn't teach them but they're running after each other, the good guys and the bad guys. does the school say no don't do that and he keeps doing it? >> he can't be the first kid who has had play fighting. >> no. >> i look at that story and think there but for the grace of god. i have a 6 and 4-year-old.
5:46 am
you cannot police a child with their imagination. we don't our kids to pretend to have handguns and grenades but kids are kids and boys -- >> let them play. >> my twin boys are 8 and you have twin boys. and you have all boys. anything will become a weapon, they will take whatever is around and somehow turn it into some kind of gun. >> it's the issue of hardwaring which has interesting cultural implications for us. in one sense we should all be multipotential but there are these built-in propensity. >> in a way my daughters never did. boys will turn anything into a weapon. so i always think, i don't know how they enforce that. >> the parents and the teacher, to try to maybe not predict but you see this behavior coming, you learn from it, reinforce the positive behavior, you punish the negative behavior but i think the positive reinforcement
5:47 am
is more, and i'm not a brain expert but i think the positive reinforcement works way more than reinforcing the negative. >> they're surrounded by these images culturally. they are surrounded, i mean try to get your kids away from, you can try up until a certain age. internet, television, you know, if you have a remote in the house and they're flipping channels every 15 minutes. >> we're celebrating so many soldiers who have been deployed coming back, if a kid says i want to be like the heroes that people are seeing on television, you can't kick the kid out of school. >> we have to take a short break. ahead, mike tyson a convicted rapist so there's some questions whether or not he should be in this episode of "law and order svu." some say he's done his time and the woman fighting the episode airing has 15,000 signatures. she'll join to us talk about that. is the best.
5:48 am
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welcome back to "starting point" everyone. new this morning the u.s. postal service plans to halt saturday delivery of first class mail beginning august 1st. the post office will still deliver packages, express mail and mail order prescriptions on saturdays, however. the company lost $15.9 billion last year. jim carrey may not be so funny to some finance enthusiasts. "anyone who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting." commentators released a statement "dumb and dumber doesn't cover enough this one."
5:52 am
so there's some controversy over the newest episode of nbc's "law and order special victim i victimities unit" mike tyson plays a convict moll elsed as a child. the petition asks nbc to replace tyson or pull the episode all together. mike tyson served three years in prison for raping a woman in 1992. here ae's a chunk of the episod. >> can you tell us about martin? >> no ma'am i'd rather not. >> he's still at the camp with other boys. >> why did they care now? they never cared before. >> because we're just finding out about what he did to those boys and if that man is going to be punished for what he did, we need somebody brave enough to come forward. >> i can't. i don't want to think about it. i don't want to think about any of them. >> so the petition was started by a woman named marsie haveny,
5:53 am
a rape crisis counselor and rape survivor. nice to have you with us. we appreciate your time. what did you first think when you heard mike tyson was cast in this role? >> well my first thought was is that nobody was touching on what it might mean to the survivors to see a convicted rapist on a show that has been what they consider to be their show and a show about victims and survivors of rape. >> nbc entertainment said they don't really have a plan to comment, but here's what mike tyson said about it, "i'm sorry that she has a difference of opinion and she's entitled to. i'm sorry that she's not happy but i didn't rape nobody or do anything like that. and this lady wasn't there to know if i did or not. i don't trip on that stuff. i'm not trying to get rich and famous. i'm just trying to feed my family. why should they care? since i'm clean and sober five years, i haven't broken any laws
5:54 am
or did any crimes. i'm just trying to live my life." he's saying he paid his dues and afterward on probation and community service and psychotherapy, all of the things he had to do. isn't there a point you say he's served the punishment? >> well i think ultimately rape is rape and it's no less heinous because it happened 20 years ago than it is today and the show itself bases it around victim and survivor stories and that is the problem there, you have survivors that are having to turn on that show and see mike tyson on a show they considered to be theirs to thank they identify with. >> it's such an interesting debate because i think in some ways it's the question about, is a prison time served rehabilitation and now we're supposed to say we've moved on or the point she's raising which is it's a show that is all about people who are survivors of, svu, sexual victims crime unit.
5:55 am
i'm very torn on this, and it seems to me the producers, what have the producers said to you. you've been debating them back and forth? >> there hasn't been too much of a debate. one did come on twitter and basically addressed myself and someone else and said i get your feelings, commenting over and over again is like yelling t alienates. i know he's come on and had a seven-part twitter that it happened 20 years ago and to wait and see, the show is there for discussion. you know, but ultimately like i said it comes down to survivors and you have thousands and millions of survivors watching your show and that you have a responsibility to them and having a convicted rapist on the show, i have several comments on our petition and those comments talk about how hurt and inappropriate and insensitive it is. >> does it matter he's playing a victim. is there some element of --
5:56 am
>> it's not just that. yeah, it's not just that. the fact that he's on the show at all is a problem. the fact that he's playing a victim is a bigger problem because then what point do you say okay, are we going to let all the rapists and murderers out of jail because they had a terrible childhood? you have to take responsibility for your actions as an adult. >> marcie has an excellent point. mr. tyson is not an actor and with all due respect to the producer not a particularly good actor. you have to think his casting was done in some sense because there's notoriety. i think they should show more sensitivity. >> he's more actor now than he is boxer. >> he did a broadway show. >> he has a broadway show, been in several films. i think you have to look at it and go back to the broader point which is you know, can someone be rehabilitated and is rehabilitation the point, even among the most heinous types of
5:57 am
crimes, and rape being obviously one of the most heinous, and also, not to say anything about mike tyson's history, which i have no idea what it is, but in this case playing a person who was the recipient of child abuse, that ripples through lives and kind of comes out in ways that kind of create abhorrent behavior in a way. >> it's supposed to air tonight. marcie thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time this morning. we have to take a short break and we're back in a moment. step. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. shareable data plus unlimited talk and text.
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